Excellent Environment
Most Affordable Coworking Space in Lahore

Simple & flexible coworking space with all the essential facilities

Great Learning Environment

We have a smart community of professionals who like to share knowledge to learn & grow together

Well Designed Workspace
Find a Space in Your Budget

Lahore Coworking is a well designed coworking space which also suites your budget

Best Work Amenities
Liberal & Pocket Friendly Coworking Space

Lahore Coworking is one of the most liberal and pocket-friendly spaces you will find across Lahore. It is best suited for entrepreneurs and small or large setups.

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We Care About Your Comfort


When you are at work, we take care of all the requirements related to your office so you can focus on what you know best i.e “growing your business”

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Team Work

High Speed Internet

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Night Coworking

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Daily Cleaning

Accessible Location

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Desk Space

Most Affordable

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FREE Tea & Water

Who We Are?

Awesome & Affordable Best coworking space in Lahore Made For small startups & entrepreneurs. Located in New Garden Town Lahore. We are a growing community of true professionals who work in creative and innovative spaces. Our dynamic business environment offers flexible office plans, seamless connectivity, and security. We are a modern workspace, a playground for heads, the strength of the brand.

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Most Affordable Coworking Space in Lahore

shared office space Lahore

Lahore Coworking is an amazing shared work-space in Lahore, which aims to maintain a perfect work-life balance. Well-designed office space, holistic work culture, and a thriving community make it ideal for freelancers, beginners, small teams, and professionals who are looking for completely new way of working !


Co-working space in Lahore


Lahore Coworking is located in the business district of Lahore, where people and ideas meet to create opportunities. Lahore Coworking believes in empowering creative and entrepreneurial communities across platforms. We do this by working with new companies and small businesses. Lahore Coworking is designed to be a platform that promotes creative collaboration among community members by promoting entrepreneurship, diversity, and working with social policy. We want to connect with people. We work as a community with digital nomads, startups, mobile workers, and students. We offer the convenience of a Shared, Startup or Coworking Space in Lahore, working together with colleagues from various backgrounds. We value your needs and time so, you are not just looking for space, but at an affordable price that is tailored to your needs and expectations. If you think something is missing, we will always listen to you.

shared office space Lahore
shared office space Lahore
shared office space Lahore

Our Community Our Coworking Space

Lahore Coworking is designed to support and facilitate the fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the city. Our members have access to a fully functional shared office, an extensive network of mentors, networking and knowledge events.

Welcome people from different backgrounds, experiences and companies under one roof and who knows, the person sitting next to you can be your co-founder, teammate or even your customer.

shared office space Lahore
shared office space Lahore

Membership Types

Day Desk



Per Month

Get your favorite working space for shift timings.(9AM-7PM)

Night Desk



Per Month

Get your favorite working space for shift timings.(7PM-5AM)

Dedicated Desk



Per Month

Get dedicated working space for 24 HOURS

Office Cabin



Per Month

Get your favorite working space for shift timings.(9AM-7PM)

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Lahore Coworking (Most Affordable Coworking Space in Lahore)

A-1 Aiback Block, New Garden Town, Near Barkat Market Lahore